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Lyrics: 10 Years After - Chihiro Yonekura

I am just a n00b at japanese, so please forgive me if I have made any stupid mistake. Also I have never translated a song before but have written a few in my 20+ years of living so far.

I took the romanji from another site though, but I couldn’t find an English translation anywhere so I decided to try one to improve my japanese : )

That said, enjoy! :-)

BEST OF CHIHIROX album cover

Best of chihirox album cover.

Song: 10 Years After 米倉千尋(歌詞あり) (youtube link)
Album: Best of Chihirox
Romanji: 10 Years After Lyrics - Chihiro Yonekura

10 years after, juu nen go no
Anata o, mitsumete mitai

The 10 years that I have been looking at you.

Stay together, sono toki
kitto ~ soba de, hohoende itai

We stayed together then, and always. I wish I could be happy by your side forever.

Osanai koro kara,
sou kyou made no, so many days

Since that day when our love were young. So many days.

Furi kaereba, ironna ~
koto ni meguri atta

Through lots of ups and downs. A lot happened.

Naitari warattari,
kenka shitari yume mitai

We cried, smiled. We had fights. But oh my! It seems like those were just dreams, weren’t they.

Chotto hado na ~ shitsuren mo,
kagayaku my history

Those small heartbreaks too, are all part of my history.

Ikutsu mono deai to wakare, kuguri nukete

The times that we met and separate. We’ve survived it.

Ai suru anata ni ~ souyo, love, meguri atta

Because I love you. That’s right! We will always find love again!

* woe-10 years after, juu nen go no
Watashi wa, doushiteru darou

That 10 years, what have I been doing?

Donna fuu ni, anata o ~
sukide iru darou

My darling, no matter what you become, I still love with you, don’t I?

woe-10 years after, juu nen go no
Anata o mitsumete mitai
Stay together, sono toki
Kitto soba de, hohoende itai.

Looking back at the 10 years that we’ve stayed together. I want it to us continue on, smiling together.

Kono mune no uchuu ni hirogaru, muteki no mirai

With all my heart I believe,
our future will be bright.

Anata to nara migoto ni, chikazuite yukeru

If it was you, I am sure, we can win the day.

Shiawase wa,
ashita ni meguri au chikara

Happiness will be our power, that carry us on to tomorrow.

Shinjiru ~ tsuyosa o itsumo
believe, mune ni daite

I always believed in our strength, With all my heart.

Woe-10 years after, juu nen go no
Anata to watashi no tameni

The 10 years we’ve spent for ourselves.

Kanashimi mo mayowazu, dakishimete yukou

Lonely or straying off the path, not anymore.

Woe-10 years after, juu nen go no
Futari o, shinjite itai

Even if 10 years has passed, I will still want to believe in us.

Stay forever, tokimeku ~
tabi ni, motto
Kagayaite itai

I will stay by your side, forever, in this journey. I want to see it, our brightly lit road.

* repeat

Woe-10 years after, juu nen go no
Anata o mitsumete mitai
Stay together, sono toki
Kitto soba de, hohoende itai

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Watchdog (and auto-restart) your node.js process

First of all, why not use any of the native node.js-based solution? Answer: Because none of it worked.

I have looked at the following:

None of it satisfied my criteria for a good supervising wrapper script.

My requirements:

  • Must handles any binary really well, not just node but also jake cake grunt and even make
  • Must be able to runs in the foreground.

Previously I had used supervisor but since I needed it to run several processes simultaneously and on the latest version there is this bad CPU spike issue which is unresolved for 3 months, I decided to switch.

So I took a look at nodemon but it fails miserably at the first requirement by presuming that the arguments are always a node.js script. It even go so far as to add an index.js (read from your package.json “main” key) argument to the command if it can’t figure out the correct start script to run. This effectively prevents it from being used in several cases where the executable isn’t node itself.

And, of course, there is forever which is almost exclusively for starting a process in the background. But I need all the logs from the process directly visible on the screen as it happens and this is complicated to do with forever. So it is a no-go as well.

pip install watchdog

So I decided to look further from the node.js ecosystem (and try not to start a new project of my own)

I encountered watchdog from the Python community which provides the watchmedo command that works perfectly in my case.

You can get it via Python’s PIP command-line. You should install it if you don’t already have it:

$ easy_install pip

Then you can install it with the pip install command:

$ pip install watchdog

Here’s the alias I use for my node.js program:

supervise='watchmedo auto-restart -d . -p "*.node;*.js;*.coffee"'

What that command do is

  • auto-restart - tell watchdog to run in auto-restart mode to run long-running script.
  • -d . - Watch the current directly for file changes.
  • -p "*.node;*.js;*.coffee" - Files pattern to watch for changes. Adapted to monitor most node.js program for changes.

I’ve intentionally left out the program to run so you can supply that after the word supervise with the command you want to run at the terminal exactly like how you’d normally run it without any supervising:

For example, if you normally run grunt lint:

$ grunt lint

With the above alias setup. You can supervise it just by prepending the word supervise like so:

$ supervise grunt lint

This will cause grunt lint to be run everytime there is a .js file changes in the current directory.

Pretty neat right?

Also if you want to auto-reload your application on file changes, again, just prepend supervise to the command that’d start your node.js program like so:

$ supervise node server.js

So far as I’ve tried, watchdog works much better than any of the solution currently available from the node.js community itself.


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